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Eternity’s Quest: Story One: The Gift of Sands: Part Seven
Published By spark187 on 2011-10-03 63 Views

“Are we there yet?” Stumont’s only daughter asked with a tremendous amount of impatience. “Soon, Alicia,” T’marra scolded. Now settle, the spirits like calmness. Nothing will be accomplished by unnatural enthusiasm.” “You heard Mother. Don’t be a whinny baby, Alicia.” “Mind yourself, Felix, or maybe the spirits will come to get you,” Alicia teased. “Quiet, both of you,” T’marra yelled. Olya stayed silent while the other children, including her sister, laughed and played. Could it be that she alone knew the seriousness of the ceremonies held in the deep caves? In her own way she grasped the teachings of the Eternians and the Lifeforce and all its gifts, but there was a darker side. She learned that negative acts lead to negative results, while the lighter positives leaned towards the greater wonders. The six children Olya observed leaned towards neither of these rewards. On a neutral plain they were, darkness and light undiscovered. Sheeba looked towards her sister, wearing a worried look. “Olya, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.” A blankness hovered over her as her voice took a frantic turn. “Promise me, Sheeba.” “Anything.” “Promise me,” she repeated while stuttering. Taking her sister’s hand, she started from the beginning of what she intended to say but in more vague terms. “Promise me your will always be my sister.” “Oh, you silly girl,” Sheeba said, hugging her. “How could I be anything but your sister?” The sentiment didn’t ease Olya’s fears, just quieted them for the time being. She felt a great tragedy was about to come to them.

Finally the band reached the ancient catacombs. The adults as well as the children were awestruck by the sight. Horris and his wife and Stumont and his family visited the sacred sanctuary annually, but still felt overwhelmed by its presence. Stumont’s children, except for Alicia, were in regular attendance as well. Olya felt something different than the rest of the group, and she believed Sheeba did too. Olya came to the awareness that hers and Sheeba’s destiny laid within these tunnels. Traveling through the long corridors, the only light coming from the three lanterns were carried by Horris, Stumont and Felix. The mysterious caves showed the eerie scenes of colored etchings on the smooth walls of its long hallways. To Be Continued....
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