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The Trouble With Assassins 7
Published By spark187 on 2012-04-06 75 Views

Part 7 of 14


“Pere’s keepin’ ‘im busy,” Remy said.

“I’ll bet,” Mercy said with a scowl. “Dat ole scoundrel is jus’ tryin’ ta keep me away from him. Sayin’ I’m too distractin’.”

“Sounds like pere,” Remy said with a dry laugh. “He do anyt’ing ta keep his boys under foot.”

“Never worked wid you,” Mercy said jokingly.

“Dat’s why he stopped tryin’,” Remy said.

Mercy laughed at that. “I guess dere’s jus’ no taimin’ a LaBeau man.” She turned to Rogue who was quietly listening to the conversation. “You remember dat, petite. Dis one here’s a wild one.”

“Yeah, ah’ll remember that,” she said and drank the last of her coffee. “So what ah owe ya?”

“Well, since you’re a friend a Remy’s here, it on de house,” Mercy said with a smile.

“But ah couldn’t…”

“T’ink not’ing of it,” Mercy said. “And don’ even t’ink a tryin’ ta leave any money. I jus’ won’ be acceptin’ it.”

“Ain’t no use arguin’ wid her, Chere,” Remy said. “Mercy’s a stubborn woman. She get an idea in her pretty little head, an’ dere ain’t no changin’ it.”

“You on de ot’er hand I should charge double. Askin’ a girl out ta breakfast an’ don’ even bother ta offer ta pay.”

“Oh, no, we’re not together,” Rogue corrected her. “Remy,” and she put emphasis on his name. “He kinda just followed me in here… like a little lost puppy dog.”

Mercy laughed at that. “Well, dat’s a good way to put it.” She turned to Remy and said, “I gotta get back to work now, trainin’ a new girl.”

“What? Had enough a torcherin’ Remy,” he said giving a fake expression of a wounded man.

Mercy just shook her head and laugh. “Ain’t fallin’ for dat, LaBeau. Jus’ tell dat brother a yours ta not be a stranger.”

To Be Continued...

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The Trouble with Assassins

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